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MULTIPLE Real Estate holdings - Single Policy!
This is GENIUS! Take the pain out of multi-property placements and give you control of coverage and cash flow! ONE POLICY & ONE INVOICE!!!

• Clients holding 10+ residential rental or investment properties and $1M TIV minimum

• Multi-State Portfolios

• Individuals / LLC's / Family Trusts / Co-Ops

• Residential / Commercial Mix (if part of a residential schedule)

• Long Term Investment Rental Portfolios or Flippers

• Property Managers

• Vacant or Occupied

Product Highlights:

• No Min Earned - No Inspections - No Short Rate Penalty - No Coinsurance

• All Risk Coverage - Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value

o Loss of Rents / Business Income / Business Personal Property

o Law & Ordinance (by request)

o Flood (by request)

• General Liability at standard $2M / $1M Per Property Limits (Lessor's Risk)

• Excess Liability - by request

• Multiple Named / Additional Insureds are OK!

• Per Property Deductible Options ranging from $1K - $25K

o Florida / Coastal - Wind / Hail coverage subject to a 1%, 2% or 5% deductible or stated Minimum

• Online Property Management & Billing Portal

• Easy Submissions!

• Direct or Monthly Self Bill / Reporting Form invoiced 12 installments (ultimate cash flow plan) or Annual Bill

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